Sipke 450 Sport

Available for semen within EU!

Sport. Quality. Performance.

Sipke 450 is a stallion that has contributed a lot to the friesian breed the past decade with his extraordinary 51% in star predicate on offsprings and close to 1000 bred mares. Sipke is out of a stallion line with low kinship, much friesian racial type and great temperament. His granddad is the great Anton 343. Sipke 450 is available for fresh semen in EU.

 "Sipke 450s never-ending popularity through his years as a breeding stallion is a great proof of the quality this stallion has in breeding. He has the capacity to breed a large number of mares and has great semen quality. He is a sport stallion that shows great willingness to work and he also has everything you can dream of from friesian looks!". 
- Sandra Åhs Sivertsen
Aftonmora Friesians
Sipke 450
50 (ster x ster pref x ster pref)
Stambokshingst, Sport
e: Teade 392, sport x
Ulke 338, sport pref
u: Bewina W, ster (ster x pref x ster pref)
167 cm
Sipke 450 togs in i avel 2009 och har närmare 1000 betäckningar på sitt CV. Lågt släktskap på 17.5% och så högt som 51% ster på sina visade avkommor!
51% ster offsprings 
Sandra Åhs Sivertsen
Aftonmora Friesians
Available for fresh semen in EU!