Alke 468 sport

Low kinship, amazing character!

Sport. Quality. Performance.

Alke has an unique character, so friendly and intelligent. This has often been seen in his offsprings which usually is the perfect horses for the whole family to enjoy. His great quality under saddle has given Alke the sport predicate. Several of his offsprings has made nice performances in sports. The offsprings of Alke has often a lot of friesian racial type with really long manes. Alke is one of the breeding stallions with the lowest kinship, only 15,7%. He is a son out of the rare Age stallion line, and his genes are very important for the whole population of the friesian horse which makes him very interesting for breeding! 
Alke 468
mare line
129 (ster pref x ster pref x ster pref)
Stambokshingst, Sport
e: Fabe 348, preferent, sport x
Jakob 302, sport 
u: Wiske vant Oost, ster preferent 
167 cm
Alke was approved for breeding 2012 and he has approximately 500 offsprings registered in the studbook. He has only 15,7% in kinship.
Alke has the sweetest of characters which are often seen also in his offsprings.

Alke gives a lot of racial type to many of his offsprings with lots of manes.