Tymon 456

Sport elite stallion with an impressive quality of offsprings in sport and breeding!


Sport. Quality. Performance.

Tymon 456 is a KFPS studbook stallion that has proven to bring impressive quality to his offsprings both in sports and breeding. Tymon has all of what we think are the central qualities of the modern sport friesian horse; the friesian race type attributes, athletic exterior suitable for sport & great mentality and willingness to work. Tymon is available for friesian mares within EU. 

"Tymon 456 is a very complete great sport horse, and has also proven to pass on his high qualities in breeding to his offsprings. His modern type and functional conformation makes him for me one of the most genetic advanced ancestors!"
- Marc Peter Spahn

Tymon 456
mare line
65 (ster pref prest x ster pref x ster pref)
Studbookstallion, Sport
e: Andries 415, sport x
Leffert 306, sport pref
u: Helena L, ster pref prest
171 cm
Tymon 456 got his permanent breeding license 2009 after proving to give offsprings of satisfactory quality
I never had problems to get mares in foal from Tymon. When you know how his semen works he is very fertile.
Ancillia Brüggink
Qualified A.I
Tymon 456 is incredible smart and talented for the highest collections, like Piaffe , Passage and Pirouettes. But also he has fantastic extended gates.
Marc Peter Spahn
Professional Dressage rider